Strainer Bars


Our strainers are simple basswood supports that are squared, glued & nailed permanently. We finish all of our supports with our unique style you will find nowhere else.


Strainers are a great way to get a custom canvas that won't break the bank. We make these ranging from 8”x10” up to 8’ x 10’ or larger.


1) you can't tighten up the canvas without re-stretching it. You can wet the back of a canvas, but that is a short term solution. If you stretch it nice and tight to begin with you should be fine. A better idea for larger works is to go with a traditional stretcher that can be tightened without re-stretching.

2) They are expensive to ship, because they are assembled permanently they take up a lot of volume (dimensional weight $$$)

We sell supports both plain and pre-stretched. For a quick estimate message us below.

We carry canvas (#12 cotton duck) both raw and double primed.  Up to 96” primed, and up to 120” raw

Linen: ARTFIX L21C (oil) 85”x 396”, ARTFIX L43U (universal) 85” x 396”, ARTFIX L64U (universal) 84” x 396” We can also order many more ARTFIX styles as needed like, P72U, P154U, L60, L22U, etc.


Our method of stretching is derived from a technique James Bernstein  (Former Co-Director of Conservation for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) taught John Annesley who was my mentor from 2001 to 2013. The method focuses on creating even tension throughout the whole canvas. For more info  click HERE

We stretch blank canvases the same way we stretch paintings. Paintings that we have mounted are hanging in museums from France to Los Angeles & San Francisco. A few notable artists  Lance Pierson has stretched canvas for: David Hockney, Liam Everett, Wade Hoefer & more.

You can feel confident about the surfaces we prepare, and trust that it is done right.

To order/quote a custom surface or support just give us a call, text or email:

Phone / Text: 707 540-5892